12 Rules for being a Classroom Hero

Came across this cool little reminder of some of the key things to remember when starting up in the year.

Rule 4: ‘Never Teach to the Test’

This is a key thing to remember for me this year. My practice really progressed in this area in 2013 and as I started to become more aware of teaching for skills and focusing on the holistic learner, the ‘test’ began to have less value. The important thing for me to remember as I go further in this direction is to inquire into the skills that I am fostering and measure the development of them. Researching for example is something that I am valuing more and more in my students. But how to measure their develop their ability to use a search engine? Hoe do I know I’m making a difference by designing tasks that require them to do so? And what is the feedback I need to be giving in order to make an impact in this area?


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