Storify – ICT Tool

Through the magic of twitter I’ve stumbled upon Storify. This is a great tool that collects images, video, text from around the net and embeds them into a tidy looking page that unifies your thinking about a particular topic. The information can be ordered and a narrative can be created. I see it having huge potential for searching a new topic that I plan to teach and creating transparency with all my sources for my students. It could also act as an extension tool, providing students with a hub to find resource to help them go deeper into their thinking and further challenging their learning.

To play around with the tool I used my first media topic, a genre study on found footage, to play with the tool and created this. It took very little time at all, and while I was largely ordering content that I have already found, the search tool helped me come across some new material that I am excited by.

I wonder what this generates? Is it helpful for students to have sources organised like this? Should I be using the tool and helping them to generate their own stories on our topics? Will it be better served as a revision tool? What does Storify allow me to do that Moodle, or a google doc doesn’t? Stay tuned for answers, or more musings…


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