Teaching Action Plan – Film Study – Hugo

I’m becoming increasingly excited about the prospect of teaching Hugo, a film I really admire and one that I think will work with the Y10 class I have. I’ve heard a variety of responses to the film from “it’s a very complex film” to “there’s not much going on in there” – but I’ve settled in my head what I want to do with it. It’s HOW I do that that I’m really anticipating…

Students will be presented with the learning objectives and then will have to determine how to approach each requirement. This will require them to think about each objective and inquire into what learning is intended. Then they will have to match up learning approaches to the objectives. How they select to approach the tasks is what I will adapt to. They can select from: teacher directed (chalk and talk); peer presentations; independent research; cooperative learning; google collaboration, Cargill’s special etc. The limitation is that they will only have a certain amount of teacher directed time and therefore will have to determine this allocation carefully.

The learning objectives can be made up from a combination of New Zealand Curriculum Achievement Objectives and more specific objectives as determined by me for the film. This approach allows the possibility of more student control of their learning and more student-choice. These are in progress, but I specifically want to explore the context of early cinema, the idea of time, memories and history, as well as doing convention close analysis of scenes, character studies etc. Next step if to build up a Storify bank of resources.




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