10 E-Learning and Online Learning Ideas – Where I’m At!

Claire Amos put together a list of tools to make the most of BYOD and learning online. Here are the tools and here is where I’m at.

1) Use Moodle to access class resources and activities

No convinced by the power of moodle – still exploring now that the school has upgraded to Moodle 2.0. Just downloaded the MyMoodle app and hopefully will see that giving me more access to the Moodle world. Google Drive is where I’m sharing most resources.

2) Create an online exercise book with Google Docs

I would consider myself being advanced with Google now. I’ve established assessment dropboxes, I’m designing engaging collaborative tasks, and I’m actively supporting students with their online organisation through this tool. It’s going very well.

3) Create a portfolio with Google Sites

Have dabbled with Google Sites. I saw this as a great place to build a e-portfolio, however, the cross over

4) Create an online folder of web resources with Live Binder.

I’m doing this, but using Storify as the web resource. I’m finding its visual

5) Create/co-construct an online text book using Wiki-Educator

Other schools and classes are starting to co-construct their own textbooks on Wikieducator. This could be a great way to approach a text study. I’m not sure it will happen this year, but this is something I will keep in my back pocket.

6) Manage your time with a Google Calendar

I’m doing this very effectively for my planning and organisation at the moment. I’ve finally got everything synced so that I can effectively use the desktop as well as Ipad – thanks primarily for this link. My next step is to start creating calendars to share with students and perhaps even parents.

7) Put your Mobile phone to good use

This is happening all the time. Photos of the board, google searching and information at my fingertips, sharing beyond the classroom. I could be using the video recording and audio more often and sharing more things with the world.

8) Create a FaceBook group for your class or study buddies!

I’ve been using closed facebook groups for four years now. The issue is that it is like creating a classroom online and keeping the walls up. I am more interested in breaking down these barriers. The Newlands Media page is one way of doing this but I’m hunting for others as well.

9) Create an online portfolio using MyPortfolio

I’ve created an impressive MyPortfolio, but my frustration was that there was no one else in my institution actually using it. This was annoying.

10) Use Twitter hashtags to have class related discussions

I’ve gone way past hashtags. I’m beginning to build a PLN online through Twitter. I’m sharing all of my learning through #filmthoughts, #2MED, #3MED #ncmedia and #Noscars2014. I’m still working at getting more students signed up for twitter and discovering what is out there.


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