The Impact of Digital Technology on Learning

Karen Melhuish Spencer’s post ‘The impact of digital technology on learning‘ is a great thinktank on the big picture of ICTs int he classroom. The surprise for me was reading that several studies have reported achievement being slightly lower for a intervention using technology rather than something like focusing on learner feedback. This makes sense I guess, but it comes back to the point:

This is not to say that it is not worth investing in using technology to improve learning. But it should encourage us to be cautious in the face of technological solutions to educational challenges. Careful thought is needed to use technology to best effect.

The part of the post most useful for me is the recommendations, which are worth musing on:

  1. The rationale for the impact of digital technology on teaching and learning needs to be clear;
  2. The role of technology in learning should be identified;
  3. Technology should support collaboration and effective interaction for learning;
  4. Teachers and/or learners should be supported in developing their use of digital technology to ensure it improves learning;
  5. Identify what learners and teachers will stop doing.

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