Critical Thinking part one

Thoughts arising from a focus group session on critical thinking. Most of the discussion was around the strive for Excellence.

  • Prediction, evaluate, perception, inferring – all these elements are across the board. Subjects aren’t silos.
  • “If I give them Excellence, it’s not an Excellence, it is my Excellence. If I give them my perception, it’s not perception, it’s my perception” – MW. How can we teach the process of thinking in order to get there? It’s a long term solution.
  • How do we answer the persistent student who is striving for Excellence? The above quote makes a really interesting context.
  • Perhaps critical thinking as a differentiated concept where students at different levels can access thoughts that are critical for them on their level. Is critical thinking for a learning support student analysing a friendship?
  • How to get the students to go beyond. “Beyond” being a key word that helps us to look at the big concept.
  • Always asking WHY.

At the end I was asked to write a definition of critical thinking. I wrote:

“Critical thinking is a wider context of thinking that goes beyond one’s own perspective, the perspective of a text, or the perspective of others. It’s thinking in the 3rd person.”


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