Teaching Videos Reflection

I came across these old videos taken four years ago and was really glad to find them. I remember asking a colleague to film a few parts of the lesson when he was observing me for an appraisal and had explained what was going on to the kids and got permission then. I can’t, however, ever remember properly reviewing them.

I seem to have a very casual opening to the lesson. I like the open non-confrontational tone and how there is clearly mutual respect. I remember this being a class I had to work hard at in the beginning of the year – looking back it looks like it paid off. I say um a lot…

Oh wow! I used wait time! This is something I’ve consciously worked on, but it’s lovely to look back and see that in my second year of teaching that I waited 20 seconds for a response – and once I did the contributions rolled. It’s worth noting if I had interupted the silence and started to encourage contributions then it would have taken just as long to get the responses going. I like how every contribution is affirmed and treated positively, and even when we are laughing with one of the contributions (“persuament!”) the positive tone is still evident.

Do my hands stop? They are quite expressive – and dangerous for anyone in the front row. I’ve started to question (albeit not with the knowledge of how the rest of the lesson was run) how teacher centred it is. The discussion is hardly in depth and more introductory in nature, but it seems like this could have been done more efficiently. The students are all engaged however and like I say, they might have gone into something more substantial shortly. Another *like* goes to the system for getting contributions for different learners.

What next? I need to film myself teaching again. Preferably after I get a haircut.


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