ULearn 2014 – Day Three

Due to spending the morning at the dentist, I could only get online for the 1pm keynote, and concluding remarks of ULearn 2014. Here’s what interested me that came through.

Keynote #1: Quinn Norton – collaborative notes

Quinn studies the emergent feral network collectives – the social structures that emerge around issues that people care about – how they operate, the agency they foster, and what this means. Her keynote was a bit different to the others and I found it a bit difficult to follow vicariously. Regardless, here are some of the points I extracted from Twitter or the shared doc:

  • Children need to learn how to fail. How to cope. How to be resilient. Our job – supply the safe environment for it to occur
  • Teaching facts is less important than teaching the skills to evaluate online facts to determine the worthiness of them.
  • Hacker spaces are responses to the failure of education picking up technology and bringing it to people.
  • If you want to teach kids how to organise well, have a kitchen.  Kitchens are amazingly contentious.  If you can get a classroom of kids to determine who are going to do the dishes and stick at it, they will have a number of skills they can take through their lives.
  • We need to teach kids to not need schools!
  • We need to allow kids to learn shit that we don’t know we should be teaching them.
  • Building relationships is more important than ticking all the academic boxes.

Hoping that this ends up online somewhere as the response online was really positive and she sounded like an extremely inspirational speaker.


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