Self Study – Meeting Two

A summary of the discussion at the second ‘Self-Study’ Meeting:

  • Environments and the importance of the surroundings in learning contexts. We have to set consistent expectations across the board. Students respond to the context and the expectations that are set. This becomes really difficult where we don’t operate as a community.
  • When an environment is tidy then you can get straight into the learning. Is it the culture around expectations and following through with consistency that matters? This goes well beyond the environment and considers learning in a wider context where rules and regulations help to create a feeling of community.
  • Michael Gladwell – the tipping point. Outliers – worth a read, an investigative journalist.
  • Doing things the right way, rather than the collaborative way.
  • How quickly we don’t put ourselves first.
  • Marking online – a new challenge and new processes have to be found. An online version doesn’t necessarily have the same connection with the work. We find this already with conversations around how people don’t
  • Students’ online writing – limited writing. How to address this issue and get students to write full sentences and complete their ideas? Cloze activities and SOLO.
  • Boys – restless – identifying behaviour and then grew to the tipping point and then things came back down again. Some monitoring is in place there, but perhaps it is a case of giving them an opportunity to self-manage? How do we teach self-management if we don’t allow them to self-manage?
  • The drive towards assessment. If I am honest with myself, I feel that 95% of the time I am driven by assessment and not authentic learning. I am trying things – for example I am going to introduce a cluster tomorrow by calling attention to the topic, not the standard that it relates to.

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