ULearn – Permission to Play – Ignite Opening

Prof Jane Gilbert (AUT University)

  • What is a Maker Space?
  • How does it prepare students for their wider context?
  • How can we work with these ideas to revision education?

Widely advocated as something that is good for engaging students in learning. The new ideas that were supposed to disrupt education, but they’ve actually just come to fit into the current system. For example modern learning environments. These new ideas need to build energy and actually disrupt the current molds, rather than found to fit into the hardware that already exists. The maker space has the potential to disrupt.

Purpose of education: build intellectual capacity to be able to cope with anything Build our collective intelligence to work together. The manufacturing process has been democratised meaning the access to ‘making’ has be blown wide open for access from today’s learners.

Our thinking today is around not just the hardware, but what software going on. Structures won’t change until what populates the system change.

Tim Carr (Chief Mindkits Ninja)

The maker space is hands on. Visceral feedback to the technology that we are creating. The transformational possibilities of hands on technology to support learning.

Shift to learner agency is a fundamental pillar for the maker movement to work authentically where the software and the hardware shift.

Maker culture needs to be more inclusive and defeat the male dominated trend. How do we make it more inclusive?


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