ULearn – The Maker Movement in Schools

Presentation from Mark Osborne – What would MacGyver do? #MakerMovement

Safe environment to give students autonomy. Teachers aren’t afraid of giving up control. We need to drive the mindsets to create the learning. How can use the maker movement to make learning more authentic?

Where the makerspace movement has come from?

  • Granddad’s shed – constructionism: “create the conditions for invention rather than ready-made knowledge” – Seymour Papert
  • The shift in the market and availability and accessibility of technologies – a basic 3D printer costs under $1000.
  • Crafting – the development of what you can do with smart-fabrics and accessibility of these products

The maker movement is about learners discovering how technology works and then creating, improving, learning. We are limited as to what technology is available to this, Apple for instance protects it’s technology and voids warranties for tinkering. Maker culture challenges this type of protection and opens up the learning potential.

Difference between learning about stuff from the intellectually heritage of their community” and building “new knowledge” – Jan Van Aalst

Design thinking model – a structure for getting a good solution:

Categories of the Maker Space environment:


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