uLearn – Creativity in Education

Creativity in Education is no longer an option, it’s absolutely necessary – Tim Kitchen (blog – Adobe Education Exchange)

How can be creative in education? We need to be re-thinking the way that we teach because the world has changed. Devices are ubiquitous.


Papert’s constructionism…focuses more on the art of learning, or ‘learning to learn’, and on the significance of making things in learning. Papert is interested in how learners engage in a conversation with [their own or other people’s] artifacts, and how these conversations boost self-directed learning, and ultimately facilitate the construction of new knowledge. He stresses the importance of tools, media, and context in human development.

Ken Robinson – “Economic imperative for teaching creativity systematically is greater than ever”.

Creativity statistics confirming the viewpoint around the importance of tech-savy, communication through digital media, and other creative tools. Industry perspective from hiring managers on the importance of creativity. Side point about having the confidence to present themselves as well as have the tech-savy and skills to be creative in online environments.

Reflection/Next Steps:

  • Teaching Creativity: “four stages – clarifying, ideating, developing and implementing. Clarifying is ensuring you’re asking the right question; ideating is about exploring as many solutions as possible; developing and implementing are making sure the idea is practical and convincing to others.” … “She found that encouraging people to debate ideas and even criticise them during a brainstorm generates more useful ideas than when criticism is off the table.”
  • Importance of video literacy and visual communication – integration into the curriculum imperative for future focused learning design. Can share the example of how the hiring managers at Adobe function when the text only CVs are put aside.
  • ‘Creative’ isn’t a personality type – it is access to the tools and learning required to open doors.
  • Comments from Tim suggests that Secondary isn’t set up for creativity, and that teaching digital communication tools at Y12 is too late. This is simply untrue. Step into Newlands Media Tim!

2 thoughts on “uLearn – Creativity in Education

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