uLearn – Keynote #2: Ann Lieberman

What do we know about Teaching Leadership, and what’s to gain? 

Globalization challenges for schools

  • teaching to learning
  • passive to active involvement
  • rote to teaching for understanding
  • solo artisans to members of a professional community
  • anecdotes to evidence
  • aligning policies with practices

Learning in Practice

Learning to lead in a Network

  • Approaching each colleague as a potentially valuable contributor
  • Honouring teacher knowledge
  • Creating public forums for teaching sharing, dialogue and critique
  • Turning ownership over to learners
  • Situating human learning in practice and relationships
  • Providing multiple entry points in the learning community
  • Guiding reflection on teaching through reflection on learning

Discussion around the Teacher Learning and Leadership Program. Teacher propose and apply for budget to deliver PL. Three key reflective questions:

  1. What did you learn?
  2. What did you learn about leadership?
  3. How did you share what you learned with others?

What can we learn from TLLP?

  • Teachers can learn leadership by doing it
  • PL needs to be a combination of inside knowledge and outside knowledge
  • We need to share our knowledge beyond the school
  • Culture of learning is essential


  • Twitter is essential to sharing teaching and learning.
  • Are we talking about changing the dialogue from general nice feedback to deep critical review?
  • Making teaching public is such a powerful idea. How do we get more people on this bandwagon?
  • This is the future! Inside Teaching – archive of teaching practice. With more online presence of practice how do we ensure this doesn’t become saturated? Is there a risk that the best practice will become buried. I believe in the meritocratic structure of the internet, but this is a challenge worth thinking about. The twitter feed for #ulearn15 for instance is so overwhelming the best stuff can be missed. Do we need more readers or contributors, comment-makers or blog posters?
  • The TLLP is a program that sounds great, but are the structures here in NZ? How can this kind of thinking change how PL is delivered in my school? I’m not sure what the next step is here as our PL is already co-constructed. But how effectively is it co-constructed. Maybe we need to inquire more into this and re-examine the way material is presented. Could we really address the criticisms (muddled, too much whole staff, not focused) through the TLLP model.
  • Why was the keynote so short?!

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