uLearn – Keynote #3: Pat Sneddon

The transformational journey to improve student achievement through public good partnerships in Manaiakalani at Tamaki – Manaiakalani Trust Website

Link to the ULearn conversation. From his ULearn bio:

In 2011 Snedden helped to establish the Manaiakalani Educational Trust…The Manaiakalani Programme was set up to tackle learning challenges and offer full ‘digital citizenship’ to 2,500 primary and secondary students living in the lowest decile areas in New Zealand, 95% of whom are Maori and Pasifika.

The primary investors became the parents who funded their own child’s digital device through the trust. This commitment attracted the support of corporate and private donors, with the objective of not only improving educational results but also realising the potential for enhanced employment and life outcomes.

Pat will share his knowledge and insight into what has happened in over three years since the launch of the Trust and programme.

Key messages:

Whakapapa gives responsibility for manaakitanga. When rangatiratanga affirmed kawanatanga effective

Ask: how truly connected are our schools to our people? How effusive is the rangatiratanga?

Ban all deficit thinking. Look for what’s right and what’s possible.

Manaiakalani is digital advancement for kids that is highly sophisticated and a shift in pedagogy. It is not a program of netbooks for kids.

Sharing of learning through blogs at Pt England School. Casey’s song and individual example. Manaiakalani digital teaching academy – a course to address the gaps in the digital pedagogy of beginning teachers graduating from universities.

If education could have fixed education on its own it would have by now, so clearly new partners are needed

-Russell Burt, Principal, Pt England School


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