uLearn – The Modern Connected Learner

From Chris Bell and Andrew Cowie – presentation

Honeymoon phase of digital technology – ICT have tended to be just tools for consumption. What is the next step? Technology is an engagement tool – that’s a given. Technology is not replacing the face-to-face.

Networked communities reflecting meaningful online and face to face connections. We have to make sure that the face to face connections are still central to the learning process.

Irresponsible to use the phrase “anywhere, anytime” – because we need to be purposeful with technology and set boundaries. Right tool for the right purpose.


What are the challenges of the modern learner in your school?

  • Attitude of teachers
  • Access and equity
  • Parents – unfamiliar with the modern learning environment
  • Understanding the range of how students learn online

Digital literacy is the ability to:

  • Navigate & evaluate information
  • Understand & create meaning with digital languages & in variety of context
  • Use technology and media to share ideas, tell stories, and provoke thought & emotion


Session then looked at a number of tools and examples:


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