Presenting ‘Safer Schools For All’ – Part II

I was fortunate today to present for the second time yesterday the ‘Safer Schools for All’ PPTA Rainbow Taskforce presentation. Previously I reflected on how full the presentation was of ‘tell’, the need to facilitate more discussion, and how it needed to be more dynamic. I’m proud that I feel I moved in a positive direction in all these factors and feel like I’ve moved in the right direction. However, I have thoughts to reflect on nevertheless in a couple of key areas:

  • Transitions – I feel like because I’m adapting a presentation created by someone else that sometimes my flow isn’t as strong as it could be. Sometimes moving between ideas of topics is a little off and I feel taking more ownership of the presentation and developing it to my own thinking is key to this.
  • Responses to suggestions could have been stronger – I feel I perhaps accepted all the responses because they were all offers in a staffroom that I was unfamiliar with. There were some weak suggestions as to what we can do when we hear “that’s so gay”. But I accepted them all without pushing to do more. I also didn’t feel I adequately challenged a suggestion that contained prejudice.

I feel good having developed confidence in presenting it, and totally rapt about nailing my mihi for the opening. Very proud to carry the message and share my knowledge.


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