uLearn16 – Digital Assessment and Quality Assurance

Digital assessment and quality assurance — responding to rapidly changing technology and adapting pedagogy for assessment in the 21st century

By Alan Sorensen

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority’s (NZQA) role is to ensure that New Zealand qualifications are accepted as credible and robust, nationally and internationally, in order to help learners succeed in their chosen endeavours and to contribute to New Zealand society. NZQA is committed to providing the highest quality service to our clients with every interaction, and we’ve been thinking about what kind of organisation we want to be, and where we go next.

A huge relief of a breakout here. The presentation went through a number of changes that NZQA are undertaking in terms of moderation and assessment. The changes demonstrate they understand the movement to

  • 1280px-new_zealand_qualifications_authority_logo-svgModeration plans are now turned over to the school – giving teachers the power to determine what standards they get moderated. Brilliant for responding to the changing ways of our classroom and give the power back to the teacher to seek support where they need it.
  • The movement towards digital evidence seems to be unsupported by the sector at this stage. I’m shocked that only 5% of materials submitted in the last year was digital, but an estimated 50% of assessment work is now digital. Stop printing out the work! Be reasonable secondary teachers!
  • Internal moderation tool to help teachers collaborate online and discuss assessment decisions. Amazing stuff.

So reassuring to hear such exciting news from NZQA. They seem to be on board with new approaches to learning and are listening to the sector. MOE you are next.


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