Media Pathways and Journalism

An opportunity to visit Massey University’s Journalism room and hear from one of the country’s leading tertiary voices in this subject field, Cathy Strong, was a excellent opportunity to reflect on pathways and how they impact on our teaching. A summary of the content of the workshop is here.20161123_165641

I have been left pondering the disconnect that exists between Industry focused institutions and Secondary School. I’m making an assumption about the wider issue here, but certainly this visit has made me reflect on how important these connections are and why more events like these aren’t held. Good on Massey University! First, the fantastic Arts21 conversation, and now this great initiative to get the Wellington Media cluster on site and working with their lecturers.

NCEA in Context reflected on how University Entrance requirements hinder the opportunities for innovation and change in the delivery of the curriculum. I feel more visits like this can help to create dialogue in both directions that can better serve our diverse akonga. A natural flowing curriculum that bridges transitions between institutions could be a really positive shift.


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