English Links

Software for Learning (TKI) – contains snapshots of learning illustrate how software has been used in New Zealand classrooms. Lots of links to tools and examples of best practice.

Essay planning template – Visualises the essay planning progress.

SOLO Taxonomy – Pam Hook’s website with resources, apps and pedagogical discussions around the thinking behind the tool.

Skillswise Activity Hub – Lots of areas to learn and develop literacy skills.

Wordsmith – The magic of words – word a day, anagrams, chat.

Glogster is an online poster maker.  Here is an online tutorial.

Popplet is available as an online tool and is great for brainstorming and organising text.

Haiku Deck is an awesome iPad app newly available as an online tool.
Toondoo let you create comic strips and cartoons easily.
Animoto lets you make your own movies online.

Literably – classroom tool that helps elementary teachers monitor students’ progress in reading. The site administers and scores oral reading assessments, so teachers can spend less time assessing and more time teaching. Could be useful with a small class. Haven’t signed up yet.

Writing Focus – Teaching writing using the news;


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