Twitter in the Classroom:
1. Learn from subject matter experts
2. Search #hashtags for news events
3. Start a backchannel conversation
4. Extend the learning outside of class

Creative ideas for teaching with Twitter

  • Real Time Feedback – “ReadWriteWeb and Mashable both featured Monica Rankin, a history professor at University of Dallas, and discussed how she utilizes Twitter to gather real-time feedback. Students send questions and input to the microblog, which end up projected right there during lectures; Rankin encourages them to study one another’s insights.”
  • Continue class discussions online – “University of Texas emerging media professor David Parry also talked Twitter with Mashable, lauding the ubiquitous microblog as an excellent way for his students to continue class discussions after they’ve already ended. And they frequently do!”
  • Contact experts through twitter – “Instead of asking students to merely follow industry insiders, ask them to actually tweet a response and open a discussion — or at least try to, anyways. For high schoolers and the college crowd, this assignment might very well help them discover some personal career goals.”

Twitter in Te Reo – Google Doc with some phrases to use.


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